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Standard Diesel Generator Set
The level of noise of standard diesel generator set is between 85-110 dba, suitable to places without high requirements on noise, such as airports, construction sites, industrial enterprises, and army, etc. LG series standard diesel generator unit adopts world famous engines and generators, ensuring steady and reliable performance.
Silent Diesel Generator Set
The level of noise of silent diesel generator set is between 65-75 dba, and usually used in environment that has demanding requirement of noise, such as hospital, school, bank, hotel or other commercial places. The silent generator unit is a standard generator unit with silencing cover, which can be disassembled for maintenance and repairing.
Container Diesel Generator Set
Container Diesel Generator set is designed to be waterproof and sand-proof, and used in adverse natural environment. There are 2 models 20 feet container and 40 feet container, with maximum power generation of 200 KVA.
Trailer Diesel Generator Unit
Trailer diesel generator unit has all the advantages of silent diesel generator unit, suitable for field work and mobile work. There is pulling device on the wheeled chassis, which can be fixed or adjusted to balance at any time. There are caution light, turn light and fog light at the rear according to the traffic safety requirements.
  Heavy fuel oil genset, HFO Generator set
HFO Generator set with MAN or HAIHASTU brand for customers, lot be supply for overseas power plant, be used for lot field.
Automatic Transfer Switch Cabinet (ATS)
ATS is usually used in circumstance that no power failure is allowed, to transfer power supply between two equipments. Lega ATS has double protection of mechanical interlock and electrical interlock, which can do real-time monitoring to main power supply (commercial power) and backup power (generator unit), and give reliable control to the automatic transfer between commercial power and backup power.
Paralleling Control System
Paralleling control system is designed for diesel generator unit, and used in the paralleling operation of multiple units. Applied with ATS switch screen, paralleling cabinet control system can realize auto start of the generator units and auto paralleling operation when the commercial power is abnormal or lost, and determine the number of units that need to start or stop according to the load. When the commercial power comes back, all units quit, stop and cool down automatically.
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